Payout Is Very Late

(i need help and i already tried discord servers, reddits and other communities. idk if it should be here but i will give it a go bcos twitch support has been ignoring me for 4 days)

So it has now been 4 days since the payouts have been given out. I hit the £100 minimum but i have not received anything. No money and no response.

I contacted help and they have not responded for 4 days. Is there anything i can do for them to actually notice me…

This is a developer community, we can not help you here, nor can anyone on Discord or Reddit.

The only way to get account and payout related support is by submitting a support ticket, and as you have done that you just need to be patient. They are not ignoring you, it’s just there is minimal support on the weekends, and it’s not uncommon for it to take 5 to 10 working days for a response as they are very busy and will get to your ticket as soon as they can.