Pending Banned Chat Messages

Is there a way through the Twitch APIs to wait before a message is approved to receive it?

I had soon to be banned words in a message that were derogatory, but the message was received before it was banned & imprinted in my Twitch overlay I built. In the Twitch dashboard, the message was in the process of the ‘allow/deny’ state, but it still went through before allowing/denying it. I haven’t seen a way to check whether this is pending or preventing it before it is allowed or denied, or, at best, waiting until it’s been approved or denied ignoring it altogether.


If it’s held for reivew it shouldn’t of got thru to chat to be captured by a chat bot.

As if it’s held for review it’s not sent as a chat message. It’s “locked up” until it’s allowed. So your system shouldn’t of got if it held.

This sounds like it went thru, then you added the word to the list and it was sent again and the second one was what auto mod nabbed

I can’t say if this always happens or only part of the time, but with tmi, you often receive messages immediately, that are only later approved/denied (and obviously don’t appear on until they have been approved).

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