People (randomly?) announcing a larger sub streak than they are on?

With the very limited API regarding subs we (custom sites etc) have to rely on the more or less “useful” information we get in the chat. One is the sub streak XYZ is on atm.

We currently have (still) no way to properly sense the subscriptions of people with special / Unicode names, but that is not the big issue, while already uncomforting.

THE big issue is that people currently seem to randomly announce a sub streak that is bigger / longer than what they actually have / “deserve”.

Ex: yesterday somebody announced 19 months in a row. The last time (the month before) he announced 11 months. So somehow twitch added 7 months out of limbo. This has been going on for a while already but this was the first time I had definite assurance that it’s a bug.

What is going on? Will we ever, PLEASE get a way to get the sub streak, AND last resub date trough the API? ‘We’ are asking for this for years now, yet have always been answered with a ‘no’ for what ever reason.

Furiously typed on my mobile.

Could it be that this person bought a 6 month sub? I remember reading somewhere (great source, I know) that it announced all the months at once. Not sure if that fits since you said it added 7 months. Either way I don’t think it would make sense that way, even if all that time was already paid it shouldn’t output it as if the time already passed.

I have also seen 3 month sub notifications in channels that have been partnered for less than a week (to support the theory that the sub streak announcements might be broken atm)

Negative, it was a manual 1 month resub. Even if that was the case, that’s not how it should work (and from my experience it doesn’t)

According to Simon, the german community manager, its a known bug and will get fixed:

Yes, this is a known issue that we’re working to address. Thanks for the report!

Thanks. Would it be possible to get feedback when it has been fixed, or is it possibly already fixed?

Hi, I have also had this issue, I recently re-subbed what should have been 5months but it came across as a 12month re-sub, thought I was losing my mind but turns out it’s a known issue. Thanks for being on the ball guys, if any extra info is needed to fix this, please let me know <3

Hey, I noticed this issue a month ago, when I first subscribed to someone with the 6-month option and I got a 6-month sub button. Now, a month later, I have a 5-month resub button. Might be useful, I don’t know. Let me know if you need anything else.

Fast forward >1 month later, still not fixed. 2 Years of asking for an API endpoint to get the current sub streak (Or adding that to the current subscribers api endpoint), that didnt happen either. Kinda saddening.

Sorry for being kinda rude, but its just annoying to not have consistent, trustable data that you already have to get trough “tricky” methods (As in having to listen to an IRC all the time to get data thats obviously somewhere in a database), while not being granted a “proper” method.

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