Personal project with api twitch

Hey guys,

First of all sorry for my english but i’ll try to do my best.

Could you tell me if there is any condition to get access to the api twitch ?

Because i saw on this webpage :

That i need to give information about the thing i want to create… but i don’t have an application name yet, and for now i need this access only for me… i want to create something for my broadcast.

what can i do ?

thank you and don’t be rude it’s my first time :wink:


The best place to start would be the documentation. It has a getting started guide, reference materials, and a link to our Developer Agreement, which is important to abide by as a developer. Otherwise, you create a developer application at the page you linked above and use that information to call the API.

Don’t worry too much about the information you provide on that page. You can change it after you’ve created the application. Just make sure the redirect URI is a server that you control. While developing, you can use localhost if that is where you’re developing.

Hope that helps!

okay thanks for this reply i will read all of this stuff… just for the url you are talking about, it is the page where twitch ask for the username and password in order to allow the application to use your information ?

i am a little lost in there… sorry about that

The redirect URI is where the user will be redirected after they login with Twitch and give your application access to their data. If you aren’t accessing user data, you won’t have to worry about this.

uh okay i found the answer by myself "When creating this app, you will need to enter your redirect URI, which is where users are redirected after being authorized. " … but the thing i want to do is not a webpage or a web application, it’s just take information about my activity on twitch, in order to program a raspbery pi and then turn on some lights in my room (for example when someone follow me the raspberry turn on a alarm light for the show) and display on my tv screen the username of the follower, so i need to create a webpage just for something is not on the web ?

thanks a lot :smiley:

You can create a simple web page to show you your oauth token after it’s authorized and save the token in your real application’s config.

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