(PHP/Symfony/Insomnia(postman)) start using Oauth2.0

Im new at development and never used Oauth2.0
Before to start to code, because i can’t connect with Oauth2.0, i try to get the good configuration using Insomnia (it’s like postman) but it is not working.
I started a new symf project (empty, but working), started php server (localhost:8000)
I’m trying first to get the Authtoken from https://id.twitch.tv/oauth2/authorize but i got error 401 invalid csrf token"
Here is how i setup the insomnia application to get response :

In header i put content-type : application/json
Any idea what im doing wrong ?

If you click the “green bug”


That’ll give you the “trace” on the requests, and you’ll find this

That’ll hint to the problem.

So, you need to change an advanced option


Full config:

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Thank you a lot ! I could not find it ! It is working, i successfully received my auth token so i can request something else, i tried as you did and it is working perfectly !
Now i can try this with php
Big love !

Heres one I made earlier

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This will help me for sure :pray: thank you for sharing your knowledges

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