Play station codes as twitch drop reward


It is my my first integration with twitch drops, and I have a question about a rewards. In docs I found that rewards can be “in-game items, consumable items or access to a game”. Our game is running on PS and Xbox, now it is in beta and available only by codes.

We want to make integration with twitch drops and give to viewers beta codes for the game. As I understand,we use EventSub/Entitlement API and track which users get a reward and we can get users who get a reward.

How can we deliver an access code to the user? Should we send a code to the email (link twitch account to game account and use email from twitch account)? Or can we send a code in a twitch notification? Or on claim user can see an access code and use it later in the game? What is the best way to do that?


External portal.

The same page/portal that users are sent to do connect their twitch account to “enable” the link between their account and your Drops Client ID.

That same page/portal can deliver any codes.

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Keep in mind that the Drops Docs recommend against use codes, or anything that’s transferable, due to the farming and potentially selling that it can encourage.

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