"Play through both" playback issue

So I use a hauppauge hdpvr which is connected to my pc and my 360. I use X12 headset and plug the pink wire directly into the front of my pc. When I turn my stream on with Xsplit, everyone can hear me just fine, but when I have my friends voices enter the stream through the “Play through both” option, they’re very muffled and the volume is real low.

Yes, my audio driver is current.

Any suggestions? If not, what did you do for your setup that’s worked for you?

Hi there,

This is the Twitch Developer forums. This site is strictly for discussing the Twitch SDK, API, and topics related to them. Your issue seems to be one of general support.

You are more likely to get assistance over at the help desk (http://help.twitch.tv/)

Hope you find a solution to your problem.