- Flash player fullscreen with javascript

I know there is a function called fullscreen(), but I have been unable to figure out how to use it. I only get errors. I thought perhaps it was a boolean like $(’#player’).get(0).fullscreen(1);

Any ideas on how this works? The documentation at github is sorely lacking on some of these functions.

If you know - can you also point me to the source of your information? I would love to not have to make a thread here every time I am curious about something. :slight_smile:

Found out that:
will bring the flash player out of fullscreen.

Just need to figure out what the proper param is to make it fullscreen.

Have you tried a boolean?



Yes. I have tried booleans both 1/0 and true/false even “true”/“false”. I also tried using ‘window’ to perhaps specify the browser window to fullscreen. I am lost :frowning: