Pleae help me I need help as sson as possible

can anyone tell me how to get client ID from the Twitch website? I have already created an account but not able to figure it out where is API key store please please help me.

ClientID’s can be obtained from

I am getting this error

The parameter “category_id” was malformed: the value must be greater than or equal to 1

What is mean that?
How can I fix

file:// is not a valid URL

A URL must be a website or custom URL handler.

Such as



Additionally you didn’t pick a category for this project in the category dropdown

Sir, still same error. now this time I have put this URL(http://localhost/websitet/index.html)
Please check screenshot.

You need to pick a category

Sir, I have selected game integration. Now I am getting some different error
Please check screenshot.

Then enable 2FA on your account.

The Error is quite clear…

Ok, it’s not “valid” for use in an oAuth redirect URI as required by Twitch for an oAuth Redirect

You have not added anything useful to this thread.

I disagree with you on that as your statement, that “file://” isn’t a valid URI-scheme in general isn’T correct and hence needs to be corrected to what you admited in your reply: It’s not valid for Twitch

sir help,


I cannot help you with this issue.

It’s asking for your 2fa code and apparently it’s wrong

I also have same issue. Kindly let me know if you fond any valuable solution.

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