Please add "url" or "login" to the stream for "get streams" NEW API

Returns user_id not the “login”.

It returns username but prepending won’t work for non-English usernames.

V5 API does this:

I don’t know which one is newer, the V5 or the New API. I’m using New API as it says new.

Or is there a URL that works with user_id, the integer values?

The “get streams metadata” returns user_name that is “login_name” corresponding to the user_id, not the “Display name” which is the case for “get streams” API.

New API is the “new API”

v3 is going away, and is replaced by v5 but v5 is also deprecated and will go away when helix/new API is complete

This is a known/long reported issue.

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So, First thing. If I want to get the channel url of my “followed channels” and display the current thumbnail with the ‘new API’, I have to use 3 APIs?

Use “get users follows”:

  • get-users-follows

to get the user id. Use “get streams”

  • get-streams

for the thumbnails and stream title and stuff, and use “get users”

  • get-users

for login name that’ll be used for making${login name}?

Second thing. There is no ‘front end url’ that works with user id, the integer values?

Third thing. Can I expect support for any of adding ‘login name’ to “follows API” or “streams API”, or the ‘front end url’ that works with user id (I guess this is ‘site suggestion’?) for the complete helix/new API? If so, when?

Thank you in advance!

Edit: The link to the api documentation is ‘flagged as spam’ apparently and throws “you cannot post a link to that host”.

Yeah you tripped the anti spam system by being a new user and trying to add a ton of links to the same domain too quickly.

No, under Helix. if the Stream is live

That’s it.

If the stream is not live you cannot get the title/game/thumbnail via Helix/New API.

This data is also not in the Helix Users API. If you want the Title/Game off a offline user you have to resort to Kraken/V5


Hopefully, when don’t know, when Helix first “broke” and started sending the “wrong” username we reported it, and it’s not been fixed yet.

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