Please Keep Consistency of Word PLEASE!

In below API Document, there are 2 different words but the meaning is exactly the same.

that words are ‘Clinet-ID’ and ‘extension ID’.
That make me very very super very confusing. Because, In Extensions Dashboard, There are two different values, the names are ‘client id’ and ‘extension id’.

what? so, I put the dashboard’s value in my api call, but it didn’t work. BECAUSE!!! you wrote extension ID in your document, but it was clinet id. WHAT?

I’m a little bit mad, because it isn’t only one case. I found some trouble like this, which are about the different naming for the same value. That really make developers confusing.


Hi @skatpgusskat, Thank you for flagging the extension ID vs. extension client ID naming issue with us. We apologize for the confusion and will raise it with our team so that we can improve our documentation.

Hi @skatpgusskat, We have updated our technical documentation to clarify client id based on your feedback. Thanks again for sharing these issues with us and helping us improve our documentation for all developers.