Please send basic tutorials for beginners

Hello again,

My first post didn’t go so good and I think because I was too nice. I didn’t get any of my questions answered although one person replied very well but he gave me answered that didn’t help whatsoever.

I NEED LINKS TO THE MOST BASIC PROGRAMMING TUTORIALS. I can’t understand why this is so hard. Can someone please link me very very very very very very very very very very very basic tutorials for programming for twitch please?

Do not send me the developer twitch page. PLEASE. I am not trying to be rude but I am getting so F****** angry looking at any twitch link that starts from here: hahahahaha No offense.

Everything in that whole website does not make sense. None of it. Please don’t try to explain it to me, instead send me a link that helps me to understand the bsaics of programming, if you don’t mind.

Any website that is FREE and has EXAMPLE CODE that is ACTUALLY USEABLE FOR LEARNING would be most apprciated.

I started with this video:

Please understand, while we try our best to help out new developers and try to provide guidance on how to start working with Twitch’s API and developer service, if someone does not have basic programming knowledge then this is not the best place to go about getting help. This forums simply isn’t for the most basic programming guides, nor should it be as it’s more focused on Twitch.

There are MANY dedicated forums and discord channels specifically for introducing new people to programming where they can help guide you and have tutorials and step by step guides. There are even websites such as Codeacemy which has training for free, and there are dozens of books and Youtube videos for you to learn from too. A simple google search for learning to code gives pages of results that can help you better than this forum.

I understand your frustration, but it’s because you’re seeking help in the wrong place, you’re better seeking help elsewhere, and then when you have a grasp of the fundamentals come back here to try and learn more specific things to start working with the Twitch API.


Ive done so much codeademy already. I have done so many example from other places. I need more and I feel like I can’t get it. I did everything on code acedemy for python and sql about a year ago and I did the python one twice yet I don’t understand how this works for twitch. I just asked for the basics for twitch because twitch seems impossible, there is no basic code unless your working with chatbots, Its because you have to be so knowledgeable already in this subject that it just makes sense on top of what you already know.

There maybe no place but paid schooling. lol

Thank you for the straight forward answer!

One of the reasons Twitch doesn’t have much in the way of code examples, is because what API requests basically are is just a HTTP request. There are so many different languages, with various HTTP modules, that it wouldn’t be practical to show examples for all of them, so instead Twitch shows you what specifically is needed in terms of the URL for the HTTP request, and what parameters to send.

You say you’ve done a little bit with Python but don’t see how it relates to Twitch, well, search google for how to make a HTTP request with python and go from there, read how to use that module to set the URL, add any headers such as client id (which you get by simply creating an App in the Dev Dashboard), then call that function and see what happens.

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DUDE! Yes, I have something to work with here! That sounds awesome and cool and I am going to do that now.

We are the Twitch Third party developers forum, not the “teach someone how to program from the beginning”

As Dist says and as I said, Twitch API Is LITERALLY just HTTP calls