Please Update '/helix/videos' to return/search by user_id & game_id

Hey Twitch Devs,

Thanks for making your platform available to the world! All your endpoints are great and meets all my needs.

I noticed that when I try to call<user_id>&game_id=<game_id> it throws a nag saying Must provide only one of the following query params: user ID, game ID, or one or more video IDs.

But it doesn’t throw a nag for live streams<user_id>

In the forums, some devs argue that a video could have multiple games, etc. In that case, why not just return an array of game ids for the /helix/videos/ endpoint? Or better just let us search by both game_id and user_id?


Platform suggestions should be routed to the uservoice

See also this Related Uservoice

Hey @BarryCarlyon,

Thanks for the link. I added my vote. But I really doubt it will get any traction.

Is there any particular reason why this limitation was set in place? Like we can’t search by user_id and game_id? Or why everything is returned except the game_id?

I just can’t wrap my head around why go an extra mile to make it harder to grab this key information.


Probably doesn’t work with their internal systems at a guess shrug

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