Policy regarding platforms to provide additional functionality to twitch

I am confused regarding the policy, terms of use and developer agreement regarding something that I plan to build.

Here’s what I’m planning to build:

Discoverability for twitch streamers by showing algorithmically selected clips as an embed on my website. Since it’s an embed, it directly links the user to twitch.

I read this clause in the developer agreement.

“Twitch Data, including any data you collect about Twitch’s end users or their browser or mobile app activity, or insights derived from that data, may not be sold, licensed, monetized, distributed for commercial purposes, made available to, or otherwise shared with, any affiliates or third parties for any purpose without Twitch’s prior written permission.”

Does this mean that I cannot put ads in my website if I build it? And also can I even build such a functionality? What are my options here?


This is a community forum, and we are not legal experts. I would recommend contacting a lawyer if you have questions around the TOS as that is a legal contract between you and Twitch.

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