Polls and Channel Points Predictions APIs and EventSub support are out of public beta

Earlier this month, we announced that Polls and Channel Points Predictions were now available via the Twitch API and EventSub as a public beta. As of today, these endpoints and subscription types have graduated from beta and are now generally available for all affiliates, partners, and developers on Twitch. To learn more about this update and see some examples of the Polls and Predictions APIs in the wild, check out this blog post announcement.

What is general availability?

While in a public beta, developer products are subject to change and should not be used in a production environment. Now that initial feedback and issues have been addressed, general availability assures developers that unannounced changes should not be expected and that it is now safe to incorporate a developer product in a production environment.

Do I need to change anything?

If you’ve used the Polls and Prediction subscription types before today, you have been using the “beta” version when creating an EventSub subscription. In accordance with the EventSub Public Beta Program, all Polls and Prediction subscriptions should be updated to version “1”. Any EventSub “beta” subscriptions for Polls and Predictions will be automatically removed 30 days from today.