Possible idea: Batch Chat?

Hello, hopefully I have chosen the right area to post this. Wondering if there is a way to create a “batched chat”? A way for Twitch streamers to have a choice of chatters to chat with. Below I have couple of ideas:

sample chat:

BOT321: (1 line)
GAMERop: (10 lines)
LEFTOVERS: (50 lines)

Above is an example of chatters showing many lines of chat are in each chatters que? The streamer would have the ability to see new comers easier to say “hello”. (Sometimes those 1 line chats create follows or donations The quicker they are replied to.) The longer chat lines allow the streamer to see who wants to hold their attention creating better live banter between viewers.

There may be an app for this somewhere, just an idea.

Thank you!

This is possible, but it needs to be done through a custom IRC client. You would log in to chat, store each chatters type (and/or create a favorite user list) and then push the messages into queues based off the results. The chat display would then pull the appropriate amount of chat items from each queue based on the preferences you’re trying to achieve.

I don’t think any apps currently do this, because typically preferential chatter treatment is discouraged, though there are good arguments for having mod chat (and preferential chat) in a secondary window so you can track it better than the potentially fast flowing normal chat.

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