Possible problem with hype train event system

Since Friday evening, I wonder if there is not a problem with the event system on the Hype Train.

I recently developed an Overlay in stream which allows to display the progress of the hype train. Initially I was just scanning the EventSub topic “eventsub_twitch_hype_train_begin” which had been working for a long time.

I added a number of elements in my overlay without touching my server side code, so I kept receiving “eventsub_twitch_hype_train_begin” “eventsub_twitch_hype_train_progress” and “eventsub_twitch_hype_train_end” events

Friday evening early evening we had a HypeTrain and it went perfectly and finished. But since that moment and on two consecutive streams, we have nothing left them. The streams lasted at least 10 hours each and approached 12,000 viewers.

Usually we have 1 or 2 hype train per evening. However, we have not had any since. I queried the API “/ helix / hypetrain / events” and what was my surprise to receive an empty array in response ???


However, I did record hype train events on Friday night during the last hype train. Everything is pretty fuzzy for me, I don’t know how to investigate further.

Thanks in advance for your help.

So you saying that after Friday you had no hype trains at all on the channel?

That would suggest it’s not a thrid party product problem.

But the channel changed the hype train parameters and/or disabled them, thus didn’t get any hype trains at all.

So EventSub didn’t report any real time events as there were no real time events.
And the API didn’t return any as if hype trains are disabled, it 200 OK’s with no data instead of 4xx’s with “trains disabled”.


After the hype train on Friday at 5:57 p.m. ETC as shown in my screenshot, there was no new train, even on the following day’s live has over 12,000 viewers and over 10,000 subscribers.

The streamer has not deactivated the feature in the meantime, I have checked correctly.

It is very strange that the API does not send me any hype train event in the last five days because I confirm and affirm that there were indeed 2 or 3 on the previous days.

So you assumed that there was a hype train on Saturday, but there might not have been.

12k viewers and 10k subscribers doesn’t mean that there was a train.

Edit: I’m asking about to see if anyone else is replicating this issue. But you should check if you are missing a Train from yesterday. In case the API screwed up it’s back track clock. And eventsub is working fine

Problem solved for the hype train, probably not suffisent donation event, but the api is always empty… i will continue to check in the future and i make other post for this.

EventSub and the API seems fine

I’m recieving a hype train right now

It’s possible the API “cache” was reset and it couldn’t load the “old” data from the last 5 days

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