Possible to get "Latest broadcast" date for API with multiple users requested at once?


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I’ve been looking for about two weeks now for Twitch API method of grabbing the date from specified users giving out the details of when has users been streaming in purpose of being able to pull activity data for community staff which would help maintaining ranks for users and also help with free advertising inside the community chat/voice system.

It gets hard when community with almost 900 members where we have around 150-200 streamers that we keep monitoring and they have our configured bot advertisement with “streamer”-rank so instead of checking manually every user it would be amazing to have method same as online streamer list done with PHP to just put every streamer name into one big link and requesting JSON data from Twitch API and just sort out dates for users about last broadcast so we can extend bot/notification system to help demote streamers who have been inactive for like two or three months.

I’ve been in contact with some same type of communities and they also would like to be able pull data about last broadcast easily with multi-calling so it wont stomp down on your servers with +200 calls all done seperately.

So what i’m trying to ask is small API system to pull out date of last broadcasts from hundreds of users since it would really help streamer community developement, monitoring and it could also enable chance of integrating tournament stream data easily into one spot without having to jump through hundreds of third party applications when it could be done straight from streaming service itself easy and safe.

There has been similiar topic earlier asking about same thing but i would like to get more information if this thing what i’m asking for is possible to get and if it would be possible what’s the estimated time of arrival?

Link for kind of duplicate post:

Thanks for the feedback! We don’t comment on future plans for the API. A similar thread was posted earlier.

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