Possible to get signed JWT through API similar to the javascript helper?

I am developing an extension to display status for a game mod, since I will not be using a EBS, I broadcast extension update messages through PubSub, but this requires the streamer to have the live config page open which communicates with my game mod in order to push these updates. Since my game mod already uses implicit authentication to connect to twitch chat, I wonder if it is possible to use said authentication to get a signed JWT the same way the twitch extension helper get one without going through a EBS so I can broadcast those PubSub messages directly from the game mod without needing a live config page to forward them?

You can build and sign the JWT yourself, but not in game. You would need a backend server to do that. You can build an API relay server. The game mod would call your server then the server signs a JWT and calls the API.

But the point is to not having a server. Currently I already am using the live config page as a relay, as twitch already does gladly sign the JWT for that page. I want to use the same capability the live config page can already do except just do it directly from the mod without needing an extra window (which I could make the game launch automatically in the first place, I just want to avoid needing that extra window).

You can’t not have a sever in this scenario, it is required. (and is what I do for the game matched extensions, as the same server is also where you download the relevant files needed to go with, in this case local software that sends the data up to me)

For what you describe a relay server (aka EBS) is required.

Or as you already have done the config page open, which as you identified is problematic for streamers to remember to open.