POST reactions missing user_ids?


i have a question or issue with the POST /feed/:channel/posts/:id/reactions stuff.

I added a custom emote to one of the post but the user_ids array seams to be empty. I also found out that you can not delete reactions if the user_ids array is empty.

In my understanding the user_ids array should include the id of the posting user, am i right?

Here an example for the missing user_ids

	"id": "97683771461330823",
	"created_at": "2016-04-22T13:13:43Z",
	"deleted": false,
	"emotes": [],
	"reactions": {
		"64293": {
			"emote": "zafluKappa",
			"count": 1,
			"user_ids": []
	"body": "tt",
	"user": {
		"display_name": "zAfLu",
		"_id": 9768377,
		"name": "zaflu",
		"type": "user",
		"bio": "",
		"created_at": "2010-01-05T01:23:20Z",
		"updated_at": "2016-04-22T11:15:37Z",
		"logo": "",
		"_links": {
			"self": ""

Make sure you’ve requested the channel_feed_read scope. My list of user_ids was empty at first but was populated when I included my authorization token with that scope. For deleting, you’ll need the channel_feed_edit scope. Docs here:

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