Posting A Youtube Channel URL to My Twitch Channel Via Bot

Hello all,

Basically, I’m attempting to post a link from my Youtube channel to the chat while streaming, using a bot programmed in Python, and I’m wondering if there’s any webhook-related shenanigans involved - perhaps involving the Get and Post functionality? If so, what variables / parameters are needed for each? Do I need a specific permission from the Youtube side, also? Is that standard across all different sites, say if I did so for Steam community, social, or Discord in the future?

I’ve been reading some of the documentation, specifically: and:

But after reading that I’m a little overwhelmed with the sheer mass of different things and unsure of exactly which is relevant here! I’m very new to this sort of thing, also, so I’d appreciate as in-depth an answer as possible.

Thanks all

There’s no API endpoints, or Webhooks, for sending messages to chat (with the exception of creating an Extension).

If you want to send messages to chat, such as a link to a YouTube video, you will need to connect to chat and use an OAuth token with permission to send messages in chat.

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I actually have messaging functionality already working for other commands, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too bad getting that working. I just assumed it was a more complicated implementation due to doing a little too much research and some research directing me to some slightly wrong stuff. The internet can be a confusing place! Ha.

Thanks for your time

Just letting you know I’ve just deleted the post with the bot code in just in case spammers use the code to abuse Twitch and its streamers. I was on the fence about posting it here because of this, but have decided deleting it was probably best, even though I still don’t have a solution for the messaging function. Overall, deleting it makes sense.

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