Posting in chat as viewer when using a twitch extension

Hello everyone,

I am making a Twitch Extension right now and pondering over my different possibilities.
For the extension, I would like to know if it is possible to post as the user/viewer in chat, using the extension.

I saw in the doc that it might be possible using an EBS (Extension Backend Service) but is there no other way ? I’d like the extension to be able to send messages in chat without using a backend…

Thanks !

You cannot without double authenticating.

And no viewer in their right mind would grant that permission. Becuase it gives send access to any channel.

So you shouldn’t.

The general point of an extension is to reduce chat spam, and you seem to want to increase chat spam.

Only the broadcasters JWT has that permission (with out a backend).

So without a backend your options are limited

Given extensions are supposed to replace chat for triggering things. And aside from announcing extension events “x triggered y”/“check the extension now for z”

Whats your usecase for needing to send to chat?

Thanks a lot for all this information ! My aim was to increase speed by using chat instead of sending millions of requests to an API, lambda, db stream etc… and instead just send the messages in chat whenever the viewers would use a button of the overlay extension. But it seems I will have to find another solution.

Increase speed of what?

if you are sending to chat thats the same operational step as calling your API/service, but with a problem, chat parsing for singal from the noise.

Extension → Chat send → whatever is reading chat → parsing chat for the data → result
Extension → Your server API call → whatever needs the data → result

Using chat is worse as whatever is reading chat has to filter out the noise for the signal.

Whereas with a backend service it only recieves signal it has no noise to filter out.

Thats before we consider any moderation rules on the channel your extension is on which could block chat messaging

That’s right I didn’t take the noise into account. Thanks a lot !