Pre-Roll Ads on Embeds for Partners

Are pre-roll ads in embeds counted towards monetized views for Twitch Partners? My website produces approximately 50,000 page views while I’m live, but I’m only being paid for approximately 300 of those views based on my partner agreement CPM and demographic of my viewers.

Additional information:

  • The embed auto-plays
  • The embed starts muted
  • Pre-roll ads play muted as well if the embed is muted
  • I’ve tested from multiple devices and browsers (logged in and out of twitch, and using incognito mode), and I have polled my viewers, and the majority of the time a pre-roll ad will play for most users.
  • I have also tested having the embed not muted for a day with no change to monetized views. It seems pre-roll ads play far more often (nearly 100% of the time) when the embed is not muted. No change to monetized views using this method.

I work in online marketing and understand that fill rates fluctuate drastically through the year, but I just find it hard to believe that out of 50,000 - 100,000 views only a couple hundred pre-roll ads are playing when so many viewers and myself see fill rates closer to 20-30% even in Q1 of 2019.

Is it possible something is wrong with my embed code, or is there something additional I need to add now as a partner to track the advertising?

(Brackets removed around iframe to allow for placement in the post)

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Did you sort this out?

How do you get preroll ads to play on embedded streams?

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