Prevent reload of extension on Auth granted


Is it possible to prevent the full extension iframe reload when the user Grants access to his user id?


You can’t as it’s by design.

That is how it works on link/unlink*

*unless, you are bits enabled, since if you are not shared when you start a bits transaction it’ll prompt and continue the “checkout flow”

Thanks for you reply, Barry. Would there be a workaround maybe to prevent those 2-3 seconds of blank during the reload? I could go in your Library and recode it without the full page reload but it’s probably too hacky… Any rationale you are aware off behind that reload?


My library? I don’t have a library for Twitch extensions.

Sounds like you are attempting to rewrite the TwitchJS handler/Extension Helper, such an extensuon would be rejected.

For logout makes sense, login, meh just deal with it

My blanks are minimal for my extensions, so it’s not something I’ve observed as a problem. In most cases the first operation is to call an external API so I have a loading screen that loads pretty quick anyway, so it’s a non problem, the only time I noticed it was I was trying to store data before auth and was wondering where it was going, only after digging did I fine the reload, since I don’t have a “case of the blanks”

Thanks @BarryCarlyon, I will adapt my user flow to it.

On another note, I submitted my extension for review a week ago and I got no news, any way to get feedback to help me move forward?


3-5 working days is not abormal, so a week ago = 5 working days.

Beyond that no idea. They will contact you