Private Message API Support?

Hi everyone, is there any talk behind opening the API to include Private Messages?
I was able to see that a few other people had a similar question, but has twitch made any comments about this before.

I’m sure it’s been made as a suggestion. But when it may or may not arrive they won’t comment on.

Not at this point @ CC_Cisco

If there’s sufficient demand for that product we’ll evaluate it.

Thank you for that information @xangold. I am really hoping this is added at a later time, since it would help greatly.

As you can see in those different messages which are posted… Many people who have consulted those questions produced a number of valuable comments and views. and this since approximately 4 years… Make a look :wink:

Kind regards

You can send private messages in irc using “/w name message” in a random channel (won’t show up in the channel).

Im using this for quite some time already, and i know about a lot of ppl. who do too. #demand

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That is a whisper, not a private message. There is a difference. They are asking about API support for Private Messages.

Just to give a bit of extra context behind my reason of why it would be useful. Currently the team I work for, support our customers through different platforms; Twitter, Facebook and Support Forums. The tool we use to support them has API integration with these platforms and our agents are able to help them from one place. If we had no way to integrate through API, then it would be harder for us to track the work they do and keep records of interactions. Right now we are still just considering if support for twitch would be even posible and if we had the API to integrate it to our tools it would make it a bit easier to sell the case.

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