Private messages API

Hi there,
I want to receive the private messages send to my twitch account in an external program. Then, I also want to reply to those messages from the external program.

My twitch account is no bot, it’s a streamer account.

I’ve seen this thread: Private messages
Does this work for my case as well?

Thank you!

Private messages were removed from Twitch Complete.
If you refer to Whispers instead, the general advice is to not bother with Whispers as bots do not have reliable delivery rates with them due to abuse by spammers

Whispers are send and Received over IRC/Chat/TMI

They are revived as a message for Command WHISPER and sent via .w target message here

What Alca wrote in the thread you have linked still applies. But Bots generally have issues with delivery success rates

Hi Barry! Thanks for replying. Is it possible to send whispers from my own account (the streamers account) through the API? I basically want to manage all the twitch messages I receive in an external tool (and also reply from that external tool). Since my own account (the streamer account) receives the messages, a bot would be useless I think

No it’s real time Twitch Chat or real time via PubSub

PubSub means I can use my own external service right? I dont want to send automated replies to people. But I want to create a basic website where my mods can log in and reply to the whispers people send to my account. Is that possible?

No as thats basically the same thing.

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