Private messages are not saved when they are too long

Whenever a private message gets too long it just gets lost after submitting. I don’t know the exact length however, it seems the insert into the database fails, but no message, no error, nothing. And two days later you wonder why you get no answer. This happened to me two times now and it is just annoying.

The limit is “4096” characters, and any amount below that produces an error message (but if you’re not careful you might miss the red banner saying your message failed to send). I could not reproduce a message getting lost in my own testing.

In addition, these forums are for integrating Twitch with third party applications (not for technical support). To report a Twitch bug, use the bug reporting tool:

Thank you for your reply and the link. I found out that Adblock completely removes the banner (I have no extra rules or filters enabled). But however trashing user input and displaying a small message for 5 seconds is far beyond bad usability design. I can get really mad about things like that when I loose an hour of work just because someone else has the wrong job.

I submitted a bug report too. Of course no feedback if it was sent or a status link (but a redirection to As a user that means to me that I could have written a letter to my cat instead for the same effect.