Problem Integration Chat on website (Wix)

I can’t integrate the chat on my website

Here is the code I am using

<iframe id="twitch-chat-embed"

link to page with broken embed please

looks like you included the inner wix frames but not the outer website

I don’t want to put it on this page, it’s just to show you the error message

<iframe id="twitch-chat-embed" src="" height="500" width="350"></iframe>

is the correct frame

also note I corrected a " on the end of your iframe src (as there was a fault in the HTML), and corrected the parents to match wix’s iframe stack

OK cool! It works, is it possible to change the color?

It’ll usually use the users preference.

But you can force dark mode with &darkmode=1 or &darkpopout=1 iirc

I add it where?

append it to the URL

Where exactly in the code?

<iframe id="twitch-chat-embed" src="" height="500" width="350"></iframe>



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