Problem using docker with extensions-samples/boilerplate

So I am trying to use the boiler plate extension sample and managed to get past most of it but after running my server I got a message Extension Boilerplate service running on https 8080 which sounds great but when I launch my browser and try to access it I get an error for any request Cannot GET / however in the terminal I see a message that confirms the request Git request / GET. Any ideas fellas?


http://localhost:8080/viewer.html , http://localhost:8080/config.html , http://localhost:8080/live_config.html


https://localhost:8080/viewer.html , https://localhost:8080/config.html , https://localhost:8080/live_config.html

Hey the latter worked just fine, is the root folder frontend or something like that? Also, thanks of course.

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Hey actually, another separate issue I have the docker setup in a linux virtual machine and can only access it inside the virtual machine. Do you know anything about that? When trying to access it on my main machine browser it cant connect.

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Yes, the boilerplate structure works like this:

|— backend ===> localhost:8080/

  • package.json ===> config/donwload/ libs donwload
  • boilerplate.js ===> entrypoint server

|— frontend ===> localhost:8080/
| |— css.

  • common.css ===> style to all html files
  • config.css ===> style to config.html
  • live_config.css ===> style to live_config.html
  • viewer.css ===> style to viewer.html

| |— js.

  • common.js ===> script to all html files
  • config.js ===> script to config.html
  • live_config.js ===> script to live_config.html
  • viewer.js ===> script to viewer.html

| |— static.

Docker is just to facilitate development in different environments, nothing prevents you from creating without the docker, just change your settings