Problem with fetching all followers of a channel using Twitch API

Hi, I recently made a simple program to fetch all the followers in a given channel. I was able to do so using getJson and then retrieving the next 100 followers using

Everything works fine and my page starts to display all the names 100 at a time. But before I am able to display all the followers in a channel. At about 60,000 usernames the program stops without any error message.

Does anyone know if this is a problem with the Twitch servers or is it most likely on my side?

i think you may be hitting the limitations on the request…

reference :

Please excuse my ignorance. Where do I go on that page to check the resource limits. Sorry.

when you click on the Endpoint you are trying to use in the parameters box some will have a ‘limit’ parameter. but i could be wrong. will use the cursor which should support loading all the usernames without issue. My guess is that your program is running into some sort of issue. I’d need more information to debug further.

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