Problem with my Python Webhook ( streamer goes live)

Hi ! so i’m trying to build my webapp ( Flask Restplus /// Python 3) and i’m now looking at the webhook lease.

Problem : there is no " noob style step by step " and i’m not really familiar with all of this.
could someone tell me why i only get a {‘error’: ‘Not Found’, ‘status’: 404, ‘message’: ‘’} ?

clientid = ‘myclientid’
url = ‘
payload = {“hub.mode”:“subscribe”,
header = {‘Content-Type’:‘application/json’, ‘Client-ID’: clientid}

req = requests.get(url, headers=header, data = payload)
resp = req.json()


You’re performing a http GET request, you need to POST.

Wow i feel dumb now.
i still get a Request body was not parsable. Attempted Content-Type: “application/json”’}
but i’ll try to solve the following on my own. :slight_smile:

many thanks

Hum, i cleaned up my query, i now get a 202 ( so i guess everything is all good).

Can you tell me if there isn’t any kind of 2nd step required post the reception of that 202 ? ( aside from repeating the query every X seconds where X is my lease time)

As long as you have routes set up to handle the incoming notifications then you should be all good :slight_smile:

Also, for resubscribing rather than waiting for expiration I’d advise resubscribing at some point before expiration, as that will overwrite any existing subscription that matches it (so you wont have to worry about duplicate subscriptions), and if there’s any issues around the time of resubscription you’ll still have time to retry before your old ones expires.

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