Problem with own java lib

Hey Guys, i want to write my own Java IRC lib.

If you want to ask why: the pirc dont get me all informations how i want and the other libs need millions of other libs and some of then are to old and dont work anymore…

Back to the problem:
To script the lib is easy and i hade no problem BUT i run this in my Raspberry the 3 seperatet instances and 2 different account and sometimes i’ll get a twitch ban… i dont know why :frowning:
Spam in public chat i isn’t (i check this days and at this time they write nothing).

Have anyone an idea?

Twitch aggregates messages per second based on the IP of the user, not the user itself. So two users that share the same IP will both count towards the same message threshold set by Twitch.

There are very few IP-based things and that’s not one of them.

Implement a message rate limiting system in your bot to keep track of just how fast you are sending messages to chat. If you are sending a large burst of messages into chat, that is reason for a ban. I would suggest dropping all of your messages into a processing queue and handling them as the queue times out based on what user type you are in chat at that time (Individual per room, so if you are connecting to multiple rooms, it is better to err on the side of caution and go with the user rate limit).

As with what 3ventic said, this is NOT IP based, it is based on just how fast you are sending messages.

Then tell me how nearly all my friends who share the same connection get global banned by barely sending more than a message a second in the same stream when they’re both modded?.

Someone’s exceeding the limit on their own. I have developed multiple bots that are now sending dozens of messages a second combined from one IP. It’s not IP based, even if the resulting block is.

Thanks for the fast replay :slight_smile:

Two things i dont understand:

  1. How handle the other server-bots (like moobot, nightbot, mikuya)? They run in tausend of room on the same server… how they handel it without a ban?

  2. Do you know if the whisper messages are include in the allow messages per second? (Support means 30 Messages in 20 Seconds but not if only public or all messages)

Whispers have separate limits that are not publicly disclosed.

I had all of the same questions you’re having. I’ll leave you this post to help answer any questions you may have.


Thanks for the post. Now i am a little bit unconfised :slight_smile:
Than i must only check out, how i connect with different ip’s but this is no topix of this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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