Problem with "thumbnail_url" endpoint Get Videos


From yesterday, Get Videos “thumbnail_url” doesn’t work. After replacing template with dimensions server returns “404 Not Found”.

Template example:{width}x%{height}.jpg

Anyone else has noticed it?

Best regards.

You need to replace {width} and {height} with the dimension of image you want

Yes, I do it, but, from yesterday, it doesn’t work…


Which video (the video ID) is this for?

The URL/Thumbnail may have updated and needs to be rechecked from the videos API

Are you also removing the % symbol preceding the {width} and {height} from the URL?

I spot checked somethings awry

Yes. I do it. Video ID: 612940879

URL example (after replace dimensions):

It happens with all videos I try…

Yeah it should be

Somethings awry somewhere

Raised as a issue:

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

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