Problem with Twitch affiliate

I am from Finland and the street adress 2 isn’t even obligatory and I have for serveral hours tried to find a solution but I cannot simply do it. Sent a ticket to Twitch support but have not got any answers and I would like to have my channel as affiliate. Please help, I beg!

This is a developer forum, we can’t help with account related issues here.

You say you’ve sent a support ticket so now please be patient and wait for a response from people who are actually able to help with account/onboarding issues…

Could this not be a developer issue since it’s clearly not working right if I get this kind of a error…

Onboarding issues are account related, we can’t help with that here, you’ll have to wait for a response to your support ticket.

fuuukk me this is so frustrating, twitch can’t get theese easy things right

These are legal agreements, with the potential for serious consequences should the forms be filled incorrectly. So not exactly an ‘easy thing’. Just be patient and wait for your support ticket.

ohh. please don’t be panic. you can read this below.