Problem with Twitch (Freeze with ONLY 1 streamer)

Good evening / Hello, since 2 days I have a problem. When I start my PC and I go on Twitch, the first stream that I’m going to only have freezes that last about twenty seconds then it resumes for 5 seconds but just to give me the live stream and then it’s gone for about twenty seconds … The problem is that it does that on the first stream that I go, all the others walk niquel. This is not a problem coming from my connection because Youtube works normally and my games online too. I tried a lot of techniques like Uninstall / reinstall my browser, try to put the stream in private browsing, disable Adblock, disconnect me from my Twitch account, and many other things that I do not necessarily have in mind now but NOTHING works. I am therefore contacting you to try to help me because I can not anymore … Thank you in advance for your answer. (Sorry if there is mistakes, i used Google translate because i’m very bad in English)

This is the third party developers forum. We cannot help you

Please try or your isp