Problem with webhook

So I get the subscription get verification thing, I echo the hub.challenge in PHP and from that point and on, I think everything is fine.
Now the problem comes after that, I tried subscribing using User Follows to_id=19571641 (which by the time of writing this is a Fortnite streamer with quite alot of viewers.
I get alot of empty POST requests, I try dumped $_POST array into a file every time someone goes on the page, I get alot of requests from an IP which appears to be coming from Amazon, but the $_POST and $_GET is empty (result of var_export is array ( )).
I tried making my application not write the hub.challenge, when I did that I did not get these requests, so my speculation is that I get a request everytime someone follows him, but for some reason I dont get any actual response JSON I can work with.
Any help is appriciated

Nevermind I’m stupid, the JSON is passed in the body, not the parameter lmao.

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