Problems streaming from Xbox ONE app Twitch

Hello to all,

I am trying to streaming from the console, and no matter the bitrate i choose,
it always lagging at the live stream, audio and video. I do the speed test on the Xbox
itself, and it show me that i have 5,09 Mbps upload speed. I think this is enough to
stream at 2000-1400 bitrate, am I wrong?
But when I make the test of the recomended bitrate on the app, it shows me the recomended
bitrate is 400, why happens this? Is problem of my internet conection? The console is wired conected
to the router. I deleted de save file of the app, and uninstalled, and installed again, and
the problems still happening. I change de DNS too, and take a little more of upload speed. I think
i must delete de save file again.

Thanks for the info and for the help.

Pd. Sorry for my english, i hope you can understand my issue.

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You’ll need to talk to Support: This forum is for third party developers.