Problems to GET/Check if Subsciber or not

Hello i have problems to get information if user is subcriber or not.
Why is this so hard and not just like the function to get status of follower?
With follower easy you just visit the URL:

then you get information if following or not, but to do this with subsciber you have to do very lot stuff and at end not realy works.

What oauth code??? I made OAuth by Twitchapps website and not works, or other oauth??
Also nothing i response by website to get variables, so how to use this stuff, why changed and not works?
Please explain how this works, what we, need, or only works for the partner logged in to see the subs??
Normally this have works:

But only 411 error and other errors.
Please help.

not sure about subscriptions, but for some other twitch API stuff you need:

  1. Get oauth here
  2. Now you have “oauth:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
  3. For API you need ONLY “xxxx” part, without “oauth:”
  4. Enjoy.

Your problem is likely the scope that is granted to the OAuth token you are using. The one obtained from will not work as the only provides the “chat_login” scope.

If you are requesting GET /users/:user/subscriptions/:channel when you are required to provide a token with the “user_subscriptions” scope on behalf of :user.

You can read more about the authentication process here:

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