Problems using port 80

I had a post awhile back about not being able to use port 6667, I believe it’s because my university has blocked it. I’m trying to go through port 80, access will be established but nothing will happen. Attempting to use HexChat to connect to the IRC server over port 80 showed that I was getting stuck on logging in. The host would disconnect me after awhile and this process would repeat. Anyone deal with this issue before? I could try to use the ports that work with SSL, but when trying to connect using those ports my connection will be cut off giving the message remote host closed socket. Does this mean this socket was ditched by Twitch?

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it!

When using ports with SSL, make sure you enable SSL in the client as well for that connection. Otherwise Twitch will close the connection.

All it took was checking a box on HexChat to enable SSL and it could connect through port 6697, but how would my Twitch Bot enable SSL?

Most languages have a built-in way to handle secure sockets, such as SslStream in .NET or the ssl module in python.

Okay - I’ll look into the ssl module! Thank you :slight_smile:

I was able to ‘wrap’ the socket in the SSL - I believe this should make sense (I’m new to this, lol)

It works though! Much appreciated!

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