Problems with Extensions Dashboard

Here’s the history.
After releasing a new version of my extension. I found that installing the version makes it so none of them appear. I contact support.

A few days later it is ‘fixed’ but now I get my extensions in an unusable state. Configuration versions are set, and saving works. But I am unable to activate because of this status I’ve never seen before. Anyone having simiilar issues??

Update 1:
Looking into it further it seems that If i turn off configuration service or if I leave this field blank it starts to work.
However in testing before release this used to work. And in a new version I am testing I made sure the version is being set. Even the the status before when a configuration broadcaster segment wasn’t set the status was ‘Requires configuration’.

Below is a screen cap of the hosted test setting the proper configuration segment/version and in my settings the broadcaster version is set to “0.0.1”

As you can see even if the versions match I get this ‘Activation Disabled’ status. Something is definitely up with the configuration service.

Hi there!

Thanks for the report- it should now be fixed, and will correctly denote the actions available for the Extensions.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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thank you for the fix! i was wondering if this only affected me, or did it affect other users of my extension?