Problems with obtaining information about the redemption of rewards

Greetings! I am writing a chat bot using the TwitchLib library, but I don’t understand how to receive information about the redemption of the reward (the user’s nickname, what reward he received, and most importantly, the bot does not see the message about the redemption of the reward). Could you help me? This is my first experience in programming, so I don’t understand much of what is in the various documentation. :sweat_smile: I am making a bot not for my channel, but with the consent of the owner (if it matters). Thank you very much in advance! :wink:

Redemptions do not appear in chat

You would need to utilise eventsub or pubsub to recieve redemption information instead.

EventSub is the better of the two options here

Technically, redemptions can show up as chat messages, but only if the redemption includes a text entry field: they should show up as a normal PRIVMSG entry, but with a custom-reward-id tag.
Personally, I like to check both EventSub and PRIVMSG to get the event as fast as possible, with a cache of handled IDs to prevent duplicate detections. Do note, however, that the PRIVMSG details will not include the redeem’s name or description, only it’s generated GUID.

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