Problems with transmission

Hello people,I have a problem with your computer and the program it xsplit.problem is that my laptop cannot take this program very much active because starts to heat up and then goes out and I picked up his nerves leptopul is called “Lenovo T61p” so I can afford at this time because I’m sitting very badly with the what resolution settings,image and so far you have to put in the program xsplit to be able to run as well as how well the play world of Warcraft for that for the time being it has brought me many visitors to my channel the twitch is.I’m waiting for tips and help from your side will thank you very much.
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This seems like a question for the XSplit forums. But you’ll probably have to get a new PC to stream, as that laptop isn’t very powerful.

Yes I think the best would be that this issue was a dispute with those from xsplit to be said about me that would be the correct settings to run somewhat better.

but if you buy the license from xsplit can help me more in my broadcasts live ?

I don’t think that buying a license will improve your performance.

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