Profanity in Ban/timeout reason

We have a bot that manages automatically banning certain words. Ranging from tame to straight up racism.

Since we also run a moderation log in discord, I was thinking about adding the exact word a user was timed out for to ban reason.

So instead of the current " X was timed out with reason: Blacklisted word detected"
It would read " X was time out with reason: Blacklisted word detected - Y"
I was wondering if twitch is okay with putting things like the N word and others in timeout reasons.

To be clear, what I mean is all in chat. Basically, is it okay for a mod to do “/timeout User 600 Bad word detected - Poop”.
Where Poop obviously would be something more serious.

You can programmatically store count of bans, it’s will pretty easy for you.
Just increase that number on each ban, and take that number from db when you do timeout.

I don’t think you understood my question correctly.

All I’m basically asking is if twitch is fine if a ban reason via a moderator command contains words they normally dislike. Since ban reasons are only visible to moderators, I assume it’s okay. But I want to be sure. So I figured why not ask before implementing it.


  • Store bad words in a list with a ID
  • When doing the ban do “banned for word (ID)” instead
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Didn’t think about that one yet even tho it seems obvious to do.
Thanks, I think that’s a good workaround.

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