Programmicly send whisper C++

trying to send whispers to a user.
using the first ip in
but the whisper still does not come thought to the user…
it connects to that fist ip fine, can send privmsg to desired user but not a whisper. also i do cap req membership.

*EDIT got it to atleast do an error. it throws the error /W not recognized

all commands on IRC start with a dot instead of a slash
try using .w [recipient] [message]

Connect to a group chat server
Join any room (most people join #jtv)
Send a private message to that room of .w recipient message


PRIVMSG #room .w recipient message

You can’t send it to the server directly. Send it to a room any room

Edit: I use room and channel interchagably

You do need to be connect to one of Twitch’s GroupChat servers to send/received whispers but you do not need to join a room/channel, you can simply send a PRIVMSG to jtv, using /w as the command:

PRIVMSG jtv :/w recipient message

recipient: the user to send the whisper to
message: the message to send

And whispers recieved come in formatted as:
@msgtags user! WHISPER self :message

@msgtags: only sent if you request IRCv3 message tags via CAP REQ
user! The user that sent the whisper
self: the recipiant(you, your bot, etc)
message: the whispered message

(@BarryCarlyon: I didn’t mean to reply to you; meant to reply to the original post, I apologize.)

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hehe no problem.

I only join a room through habit.
In case Twitch ever closes that loop hole (sending to a room you are not in)

i tried sending the command “PRIVMSG jtv :/w hurnhu test”
but all i get as a response is unrecognized command /w.
is connecting to any of the IP in the group channel list good? or does it have to be a web socket server one?

Your command must be targeting a channel, not a user so it should be #jtv and not just jtv (or any other # channel for that matter).

The whisper command syntax looks like this, PRIVMSG #jtv :/w {recipient_username} {message}.

ex. if i were to send you a whisper, i woud send this command, PRIVMSG #jtv :/w hurnhu testing., to the Group Chat irc server.

if the response you get when sending the above command is, unrecognized command /w, make sure you have requested the proper CAPs.


It’s also possible that your library is misinterpreting the /w as a command to the server and overriding.

You can use .w instead

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