Proper way to determine if channel is playing a rerun

I feel like this is a dumb question, but searches have returned limited results.

What is the intended way to determine if a channel is currently playing a rerun via Helix?

My initial assumption was that they would be included in the response from Get Streams, but testing indicates this is not the case.

I’ve been all over the docs but nothing seems to be pointing towards an answer. Has anyone been able to do this?


Thanks for this! I didn’t see it.

Disappointing to see that it’s been broken for nearly a year with no mention of it in the Docs or anywhere more visible.

Has anyone else come up with a work around? I’d hate to resort to scraping the page(s) to see if they’re Live.

Scraping the Twitch site may be a violation of the Twitch Developer Agreement. You should only be using the publicly available 3rd party API.

No hence I wrote the bug report

GQL is not permitted to be used by third parties. It’s not docmented for use by third parties and as such sharing information on how access GQL may be removed from this forum. Twitch actively has done and will continue to take steps to block access to GQL

And figuring out GQL is a violation of the developer agreement (see reverse engineering)

Ok, apologies. I will not post any information about Twitch’s GraphQL endpoint here.

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