Protecting Chat while Offline

I would like to stop people from entering messages in chat when not streaming. The only way I can think of is to create something like a timer bot that accepts a time that will run a command like “/emoteonlychat” at that indicated time.

Before I start writing this, do you know of any easier way, say via an existing command that I am overlooking? If there are any other better ideas, I would be grateful to hear them.

Thank you

You need a uservoice to request Twitch to add this funtionality.

Using third party apis that this forum helps with there is no way to “lock down”/disable a chat.

And to my knowledge no first party things either.

This forum is for third party developer support not too much for asking for first party features like you request, so you’ll need a uservoice

Thanks - but wouldn’t it work if I write my own .js bot that triggers at a defined time that just issues the “/emoteonlychat” command?

Sure but people just spam emotes instead.

Doesn’t “protect” chat.

And streamers can’t get banned for things happening in offline chat.

Your responses have been very helpful, so than you very much.

I didn’t know that and that is what we were trying to prevent. So if you’re saying that streamers can’t get banned for things while they are not streaming, then problem solved. Last question, is this the assumption about Twitch or is there somewhere that it written that they are not responsible while offline

Twitch’s TOS refers to reasons for getting banned whilst streaming.
Other parts refer to things you do offplatorm.

But you just can’t get banned for not moderating your chat when you are not there to do so when offline.

Thank you

Go to AutoMod. Then turn everything on high. Screenshot - b4dbe69bbcae640ef0a4c4c2cca46195 - Gyazo
Then even if they go in your chat they can’t do or say anything wrong. Some ppl like to go in chats when streamers are off line to look at commands like !loadout. But Automod is the way I’m thinking.

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll look at trying this too. Much appreciated.

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