Provide URL Parameter to Extension

Hi there!

I’m currently working on a new update for my Twitch extension “Winder’s Poll Panel”. In this update, I’ll want to make it possible to share polls via links. Basically, its working. I can create a link, which opens my extension on the broadcaster’s channel (where the shared poll is) as a popout.

Example link:

My problem is, that I also want my panel to display the shared poll at startup. I tried to append the shared poll’s ID as a query parameter to the URL. But unfortunately (due to cross-origin-policy), my panel can’t access this parameter (because it’s available in the parent’s parent’s location object).

My question is now, whether any way exists (e.g. via the extension helper), that I can provide a parameter to the shared URL and my panel reads it? Or whether a completely different way exists, I could achieve my goal?

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No there is not.

Your best solution is that people go to your website, login with Twitch there and vote there instead of on the channels/extension page.

Since you cannot pass start up params since thats not a normal operational flow for an extension.

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