PS4 streaming Error 403

I have a main PSN account from which I stream, I also have a secondary from which my wife plays.

Today however, I can’t log into a Twitch using the secondary account due to 403 error. Out of the blue.

I have streamed before from this account by simply logging into my twitch account, but this time, it doesn’t matter what I type into account name or password, it can be gibberish, it gives me 403 error. But if I get back to my main, it logs in just fine.

Get your shit together Twitch. I’ve been having issues up the ass lately.

This forum is not for general support, but for third party developers seeking assistance integrating. You can get assistance from Twitch at

Get your shit together Twitch. I’ve been having issues up the ass lately.

If you expect to get support from Twitch using this type of language, good luck. Although their service might have hiccups, you’re talking to human beings. Remember that how you interact with them will influence how they interact with you. Try to be courteous, and don’t give them an excuse to lower the priority of your issue.

Sorry, but that “forum” is useless. Hence why I’m here.

I do pay monthly to watch streams, and I expect things to work the way they should. I am not seeing any help out of your post, so I’ll wait for someone who works on Twitch to reply.


Night is correct; This forum is for developers and development related inquiries - you will not receive general support here.

You can contact us via our helpdesk at . Don’t forget to scroll down and click “send us an email”.


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