PUBG Player count

Is it possible to get the current alive players for a specific streamer from the twitch api?

No, because the Twitch API has nothing to do with PUBG. If you want to integrate with PUBG then you have to use their API.

well, you can filter pubg streams by players alive, so getting the data from twitch would be better for a twitch extension i think

Hello, I believe that the overwolf has something, I do not know exactly what but they have some api to get some game data

But then you would be limited by Twitch’s caching, on top of whatever caching there is from how Twitch collects the data, you’d also be limited to just the data Twitch provides, and it would also be limited by Twitch’s rate limit. For an extension, why wouldn’t you just use the official API and have access to data faster, and much more options as it’s game specific than what Twitch could provide.

i need to code a chatbot for twitch and want to avoid using 2 apis if it is possible with 1 api

Well the only official Twitch endpoint is the streams metadata endpoint, and that only has metadata on Overwatch and Hearthstone. Also for your use case, even if there was an official Twitch endpoint for it, it may not be ideal anyway due to caching, your users would get a player count that’s potentially minutes behind what’s being shown on stream.

ok thanks

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