PubSub: Got PONG, but no RESPONSE to LISTEN

my message immediately after connecting is the following (private details modified): {"type":"LISTEN","nonce":"pkn2bv81rrbh3g587rr7qk805ah2st88","data":{"topics":["community-points-channel-v1.67682393"],"auth_token":"mub1qzvu6ujmbwl4y87f38anv9n50h"}}

i get no response, and no notification for the topic. i get a PONG from a ping though. random nonce, auth is good

works fine in a python script of mine, but this one… is written in autohotkey using the websocket library lol. interpreter is UTF-8. string is formatted correctly

no idea if yall have any suggestions, since the language i’m using for this is pretty wacky, but i just can’t imagine why it’d be doing this…

solved. i’m a goose. it was a scope issue in the script :slight_smile:

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